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ECE USB Power Supply

The following classes use the USB Power Supply:   ECE 2054, ECE 2074 and ECE 3074

ECE USB Power Supply Board Instruction Version August 2019.

USB Proto Board wiring tips

  • ECE USB Power Supply is designed by Virginia Tech ECE department.


USB Power Supply Specs:

The ECE USB Power Supply is an isoltated power supply that can convert an USB outlet to +5V and -5V for low-current breadborading use.

The cost is approximately $50 per board from Electronix Express under the part number 32VPTUSBPS1 which comes with a plastic box as shown in the picture on the right.


  • +5 volts DC input
  • +5 volts DC output, maximum, @ 0.2 Amps
  • -5 volts DC output, maximum, @ 0.2 Amps
  • Outputs must withstand short circuits for extended periods of time

Breadboards (Protoboards)

  • Insert the header to a breadboard.
  • The upper two rails provide -5V and +5V.
  • The lower two rails provide GROUND (0V) and NC (No Connection).




This page updated August 2019