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Velleman Scope Care and Use

Do not install the software and drivers that came on the CD with the scope.

The Velleman PCSGU250 is a USB-powered two channel oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, recorder,
function generator and bode plotter. With the internal signal generator, you can create your own waveforms
using the integrated signal wave editor.

  • Install the scope interface software and drivers
  • Follow the link above to isntall the driver. Do not use the CD included with the scope package!
  • Run the scope software
    1. Attach the scope to the USB port
    2. Launch scope control software
      • Start > Programs > Velleman > PCLab2000LT (You will probably want to make a shortcut)
    3. Run calibration every time you start the scope
      • Options > Calibrate
  • Read the Velleman user manual.
  • Scope precautions
    • [WARNING!] The maximum input is ±30 volts peak.
    • [WARNING!] Do not plug any probes into a 120V outlet!
    • The scope is not waterproof or water resistant.
    • Do not lift the scope by the cables
    • Disconnect the cables before storing the scope to avoid damaging the scope's connectors
  • Learn how to use BNC cables
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC_connector
    • Line up the slots with the ears and twist clockwise to lock the connector
    • Twist counterclockwise before removing the connector
    • When you bend long cables in a sharp radius, like wrapping them around a power supply, they break quickly.
    • Loose coils in a ziploc bag work better.





    This page updated March 30, 2016